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allow user cancellation of code completion

when I press a fullstop after a tablename toad can take forever to try and offer a list of columns. If we have network /database issues on that day this can take ages until it times out. Pressing escape key to cancel this would be great.

Submitted by Community Member 4 years ago

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  1. Escape does close the popup window. However only after it pops up. It'd be nice if you could hit Escape during the (configurable) delay period and not even have it pop up in the first place. I get a lot of code completions I don't even want, and it's become annoying. Also, I get a lot of GPF's that crash TOAD during the code completion popup because of the large number of elements. Some smarter emmory allocation is probably in order to limit the number of items in the popup.

    3 years ago
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  2. For me it is reasonably fast.

    I suspect that your second threaded connection the editor uses hangs. It may happen if not used for a certain time (usually due to firewalls).

    If your threaded connection is hung, try disabling

    Execute queries in threads

    in View, Toad Options, Oracle, Transactions

    Eventually may help increasing

    Delay pop-ups

    in Editor, Code Assist

    So it waits for more time before completing.

    A space after the dot does not complete.

    1 year ago
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  3. https://support.quest.com/SolutionDetail.aspx?id=SOL82763

    for avoiding the second session (Toad 11), shown as

    "TOAD background query session"

    Toad Options -> Editor -> Display

    and disable all Syntax Highlighting ticks

    otherwise this session times out.

    1 year ago
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  4. Code completion is ridiculous when you are connected to a database on the opposite side of the world with bandwidth on the order of kb/sec.

    1 year ago
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