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More convenient word-wrap within Grid Popup Editor

Implemented In (Internal Use Only): Beta

It sure would be nice if I could turn on word-wrap within a Grid Popup Editor either temporarily for just as long as it's open (maybe a toggle button) and/or as a persistent setting for the Grid Popup Editor.

Currently, if I turn it on to view some wide text that I don't want to have to scroll left/right and then forget to turn it off, I get nagged when I open the MOE (rightfully so) about having word-wrap enabled and encouraged to turn it off.

Submitted by rick 3 years ago


  1. Status Changed from Active to Completed
    3 years ago

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  1. Moderator

    For Toad 11.

    New toolbar button added to grid popup editor to toggle word-wrap. This affects only that editor and not the global Toad option to enable/disable word-wrap.

    3 years ago
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