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Have new version of TOAD copy old version's formatter settings.

When I install new version of TOAD, I would like you to copy my existing pl/sql formatter settings to the new version. For some reason I cannot get the new version to use my custom format settings even after I copied the .opt file to the new version.

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  1. Moderator

    I thought this idea had more comments, but apparently there are none. This should work out of the box. If it is not then there is a bug and you should contact Quest support. Upgrade installations, in the traditional sense, are not supported. What we do provide is the ability to have Toad automatically migrate your config files from another installation into the newest. You are prompted to do this on first run of the new version. A caveat is that we only officially support upgrading of Toad up to 2 versions back. So if you decide to skip 2 releases and then upgrade then you're on your own. Generally everything should be OK, but if something doesn't work... you've been warned. Also, manual copying of files from an older installation should work, but they need to be copied to the correct location with Toad closed. Config files are typically not hot swappable and we haven't used Program Files directory for these files in years so that's not the correct location for placing them.

    Please outline your procedure for copying the formatter options over to a new installation and we can go from there. This may be a case for Quest support.

    2 years ago
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  2. Moderator

    Does anyone have any steps to reproduce the problem? This idea is one of the top rated ideas, but technically it's a bug. Formatter settings should automatically be copied from the old installation when upgrading Toad. For those experiencing the issue please outline your upgrade process so we can fix this bug and close this idea. Thanks.

    1 year ago
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