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Debug in simple plsql script

Implemente debug in single plsql script.

In this moment to use debug, is necessary create one procedure like "lixo", to execute the debug

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  1. Having to create a procedure, or utilize Toad's popup PL/SQL debugger window is obnoxious. Since the popup window is essentially the same thing as an anonymous PL/SQL block, why can an anonymous block in an editor window not be debugged?

    4 years ago
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  2. Moderator

    Remember that in the DBMS Debugger that you're not debugging the anonymous block, you're debugging the procedure called by the anonymous block. The anonymous block is used to set the conditions for execution as well as being able to post process any results from the procedure execution. We are simply executing the code via the DBMS_DEBUG API provided by Oracle.

    You can also turn off the "obnoxious" parameters window in Options -> Execute/Compile -> Behavior -> Always open parameters window. This will only prompt you for parameters if they are needed to execute the procedure.

    4 years ago
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